Fish Farmind in Natural water

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Elaboration of the development and protection strategy of the inland water fisheries resources, with special regard to stock rehabilitation of indigenous fish species of economic importance and control of invasive fishes


It should be made clear to users of natural waters that stopping the degradation of aquatic ecosystems does not only consist of their protection from pollution but also of preserving the indigenous fish fauna, which, in turn, allows preserving of the natural, economic and recreational value of the water. Stopping of the degradation process requires restitution of economically important fish species in the given water body, providing a good basis for reconstruction of the population of the species, which, in turn, can lead to rehabilitation of the fish fauna to be done together with rehabilitation of the habitats and spawning sites. At the same time, it is indispensable to survey the invasive fish species introduced by man and to study their effect on biology of the local fish fauna.


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 NAIK HAKI Ügyrend