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The Institute possesses well-equipped laboratories, state of the art instruments, a library and computer network with connection to international information systems. The experimental conditions of research and development activity is ensured by the modern fish feeder, a recirculation fish rearing system with 200 cubic meter volume, 76 experimental fish ponds, experimental cultivation fields, lysimeters and a radius garden. An air-conditioned conference room, which can accommodate up to 120 people, with recent audio visual equipment and 4 smaller seminar rooms provide outstanding conditions for organization of conferences, consultations and trainings.

Central laboratory
Gas chromatography laboratory
Isotope laboratory
DNA Laboratory
HPLC laboratory
Recirculation system
Pond-wetland wastewater treatment system
Experimental rice fields
Warehouse for bagged and containered rice seed
Fields for research of irrigated cultivation
Conference centre and library
Environmental analysis centre


The full name of the library:
Library of National Agricultural and Innovation Centre Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture

Central catalogue code: Sza 6

5540, Szarvas, Anna-liget 8.

Postal address:
5541, Szarvas, Pf 47.

The Library belongs to the network of the National Agricultural Library and Documentation Centre.

The library is specialised and it is maintained by the National Agricultural and Innovation Centre Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Main collecting areas: fisheries, fish biology, fish welfare, fish farming, hydrobiology, environmental protection, agricultural environmental management, irrigated cultivation, radioecology, rice cultivation, hydraulic engineering, water management

Minor collecting areas: genetics, microbiology

Collected document types: books, periodicals, research reports, trip reports, dissertations, theses

According to the dates from 2007 the collection includes 12251 books, 10352 periodicals and approximately 2000 other documents. The amount of public documents is 100%. The reading room can accommodate 15 people. The visitors can search in written and electronic catalogues.

The reading room is available for visitors
Registered readers can borrow books from the collection, except periodicals, dissertations and theses, but there is a possibility to copy the library’s documents for charge
Registered readers can use the inter-library loan service

The library is open to the public without any registration fee.

Opening hours: the visitors need to ask for an appointment to use the library, because it is not continuously available

Contact person:
Judit Kunstárné Adamik
Phone: (66) 515-300
Fax: (66) 312 142
E-mail: adamikj@haki.hu



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 NAIK HAKI Ügyrend