Aquatic ecology

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Applied aquatic ecology workgroup

Field of research:

-    Developing an environmentally friendly, combined fish pond system merging the advantages of extensive and intensive fish farming
-    Analyzing environmental effects of fish production systems
-    Near-natural management of the effluent waters from intensive fish production and other agricultural activities in artificial wetlands
-    Exploring possibilities for previously used geothermic waters in heating systems to environmentally friendly deposit or reuse them in fish production

Improving the environmentally friendly combination of intensive and extensive fish farming technologies (pond recirculation, pond in pond technology) will enable intensive fish production under pond like conditions, thus preserving the environmentally friendly characteristics of traditional pond farming. Between 2012 and 2014 the farming technology of European catfish in combined system has been optimizied and a study on feeding and nutrient cycle was conducted.
One of the highest priority in our research is the environmental effects of national fish production systems. We measure and estimate the nutrient input, output and retain of fish production systems, thus mapping the nutrient balance of fish ponds.
Our research is recently focused on the near-nature management of effluent waters from intensive fish farming, during which we analyze the nutrient removal efficiency of fish ponds, oxidative and vegetated ponds. In the past years the workgroup developed a water management system from integrated aquatic habitats, that is able to reduce the nutrient pollution in effluent waters from intensive fish farms. The aquatic habitat system has been continously under surveillance.
A research is being conducted on the reuse of thermic waters of heating systems in intensive fish farming. We examine the possibilities of complex management methods.

-    Dénes Gál, senior research fellow (Ph.D.)
-    Éva Kerepeczki, senior research fellow (Ph.D.)
-    Ferenc Pekár, retired senior research fellow (Ph.D.)
-    Zoltán Nagy, assistant research fellow (M.Sc., Ph.D. student)
-    László Berzi-Nagy, assistant research fellow (M.Sc.)
-    Flórián Tóth, institutional assistant (M.Sc.)
-    Pál Jancsó, laboratory technician

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