Department of Aquaculture systems

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The main objective of the research work carried out by the department is the elaboration and development of improved culture and production technologies for fish and other aquatic organisms (i.e. crustaceans, etc.) reared in ponds, intensive indoor or in integrated systems. Meanwhile these activities the recent results of fish biology, nutrition and feeding, water ecology, aquaculture engineering etc. are considered with special regards to all aspects of sustainability.

The long term goal in the field of pond fish culture development is the exploration of the basic relationship between yields, stocking, fertilisation and feeding in polycultural systems. Based on the results the main elements of several pond culture technologies have been elaborated. Achievements in the field of integrated fish farming development have gained international reputation for the institute. The so-called „aquacultural rotation” (consecutive culture of fish-duck-alfalfa-rice), the utilisation of sewage in fish ponds and the complex sustainable exploitation of oxbow lakes are good examples of integration and nutrient recycling, which has gained much attention recently. The recent work on the so-called „fishpond water recycling systems” aimed the development of an environmentally sound and water-saving fish farming system. Nowadays significant research work is focusing on possibilities of feeding of common carp with artificial diet.

The technology development of industrial fish culture includes investigations on biological, technical and technological elements. The RTD work aims at the examination of these factors in order to elaborate complete production technologies for a wide range of native and non-indigenous species (wels, African catfish, sturgeons, Cichlids, pike-perch, perch, etc.). The results of the investigations contributed significantly to the establishment of the complex, large-scale, intensive production technology for sturgeons and catfishes in Hungary. The ongoing RTD works focus on the development of artificial propagation of fish and on the diversification of species and production systems.

The aquaculture engineering work on the improvement of technical background of aquaculture contributed to the introduction of new equipment and technical solutions (pond aerators, demand- and automatic-feeders and harvesting machines) into the fish production technology and it provided technical solutions in the use of geothermal waters for aquaculture. The current work in this field is aiming the development of water saving and environmentally friendly technical solutions (i.e. “pond in pond”, aquaponics etc.)

Research on the aquaculture economics and marketing deals not only with the conventional economic analysis of fish farming, but includes investigations on the dependence of fish farming on various resources and on socio-economic aspects as well. The current work focuses on product diversification and the possibility of increasing the per capita fish consumption.


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